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Our Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality programs and services, in an efficient manner, to enhance the quality of life within the City.

2018 Election notice

Election season is quickly approaching.  December 1st is the first day for candidates to circulate nomination papers.  Packets of paperwork are put together for anyone who decides to run and available at City Hall.  Candidacy paperwork and nomination papers are due back by January 2nd.  Any incumbents not seeking re-election are required to file a notification of non-candidacy no later than Friday, December 22nd.

This year the following individuals will need to seek re-election if they wish to continue in their position:

Mayor – Wayne R. Schmidt

1st District – Kevin Schmidt

2nd District – Janice Mueller

3rd District – Eugene Cleveland

4th District – Jan Dart

Alderperson candidates require 20 signatures.  Mayoral candidates require 50 signatures.  We suggest going over by a few.  Once turned in we’ll cross reference with any other nomination papers turned in for the same office and if there are duplicates only the set of papers that the individual signed first will count.  We’ll also eliminate any signatures by residents that don’t reside within your district.

Important dates leading up to the election:

-        12/1/17 – First day for candidates to circulate nomination papers for the 2018 Spring Election

-        12/22/17 – Deadline for incumbents not seeking re-election to file Notification of Non-candidacy

-        1/2/18 – Deadline for candidates to file nominations papers, declarations of candidacy, and campaign                                           registration statements

-        2/20/18 – Spring Primary

-        4/3/18 – Spring Election

Any questions regarding this process, please see Jamie Jackson, Deputy Clerk at City Hall.  You can also contact her by email at or phone at 920-487-5203.

Voter Registration

Click on the "MyVote" logo above to register to vote.

Click on the "MyVote" logo above to register to vote.

Have you recently turned 18, or will you be 18 before the next election, and need to register for the first time?  Have you recently moved?  Then go to the "MyVote Wisconsin" website by clicking on the "MyVote" logo above or download the registration application by clicking here.  Please print your registration application and mail in or drop off to the municipal Clerk's office and make sure to include proof of residency. 

Application - Voter Registration