City of Algoma

Our Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality programs and services, in an efficient manner, to enhance the quality of life within the City.


Bartender License

Click Here for the Bartenders License Application


  • If you are applying for a new bartenders license you will need to complete the form and provide proof of a completed responsible beverage servers course within the last 2 years or proof of a current bartenders license through another municipality.

  • If you are renewing your bartenders license please complete the form and return to City Hall at least 45 days BEFORE your license expires.

  • All bartenders licenses are required by Wisconsin law to be approved by the Common Council.

  • If you have any questions regarding a bartenders license please contact City Hall at (920) 487-5203.

  • A two (2) year bartender license is $40.00

Temporary Class B Liquor License


  • If an organization will be hosting an event where alcohol will be sold the organization will need to drop off a completed application to City Hall no later than 45 days prior to the event.

  • A Temporary Class B Liquor License is $10.00 per event.

  • A licensed bartender MUST be present while alcohol is being sold.

Alcohol Beverage Retail License

New Application

  • If you are applying for a new license that you have not previously held please complete the Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application and return it to City Hall.

  • Please check with City Hall at (920) 487-5203 to make sure a license is available.

Renewal Application

  • If you are renewing your license please complete the Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application and return it to City Hall.

  • All Alcohol Beverage Retail Licenses are valid July 1st - June 30th.

Cigarette Application - Cigarette Application

Amusement Application

  • Any business with an amusement must have a license for each amusement.

  • Please return the completed Amusement Application to City Hall.

  • Amusement Licenses are valid July 1st - June 30th and are $5.00 per amusement.


 Please contact City Hall for current applications.

Please call City Hall - (920) 487-5203 - with any questions!


Dog License

  • If you own a dog and live in City limits you need to license your dog each year.

  • City Hall issues Dog Licenses

  • A spayed/neutered dog is $3.00

  • A non-spayed/non-neutered dog is $8.00

  • Kennel License is $35.00

  • Dog Licenses run April 1st - March 31st of each year

  • Each residence can have a max of 6 dogs and/or cats

  • A kennel license is required if you own more than 3 dogs

  • To get a dog license you will need to provide proof of rabies vaccine.

                 The proof of rabies vaccine from your vet needs to list:

                  * The date the vaccine was given  

                  * The date the booster vaccine is due

                  * The vaccine manufacturer

                  * The vaccine serial number

                  * The contact information for the vet

Peddler Permit

Peddler Permit Application

  • A Peddler's Permit is $100.00 per year

  • For more information regarding a peddler's permit click here

  • Please turn in completed form to City Hall