City of Algoma

Our Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality programs and services, in an efficient manner, to enhance the quality of life within the City.

Ordinance AMENDMENTs

Ordinance No. 763-2012 (Allowing dogs on Crescent Beach)

Ordinance No. 764-2013 (Amending 8.09, Tree Planting & Maint.)

Ordinance No. 765-2013 (Zoning, Parcel 31 201 27.127.1)

Ordinance No. 766-2013 (Repealing Ord. #346)

Ordinance No. 767-2013 (Bill Payment Procedures)

Ordinance No. 768-2013 (Amending Chapters 9 & 10)

Ordinance No. 769-2013 (Fees - superseded by Ord. #784)

Ordinance No. 770-2013(Zoning, 702 4th St)

Ordinance No. 771-2013 (Zoning, 712 4th St)

Ordinance No. 772-2013 (Zoning, 211 Navarino St)

Ordinance No. 773-2013 (Sanitary Sewers)

Ordinance No. 774-2013 (Zoning, 603 3rd St)

Ordinance No. 775-2013 (Zoning, 1510 Fremont St.)

Ordinance No. 776-2014 (Olson Park Annexation)

Ordinance No. 777-2014 (Manure Spreading)

Ordinance No. 778-2015 (Grass Height)

Ordinance No. 779-2015 (Sewer Rates)

Ordinance No. 780-2015 (Landscape Maintenance)

Ordinance No. 781-2015 (Liquor Licensing)

Ordinance No. 782-2015 (Provisional Operator's License)

Ordinance No. 783-2015 (Comprehensive Zoning and Map)

Ordinance No. 784-2015 (Fee Schedule)

Ordinance No. 785-2015 (Amending 15.02, Fences)

Ordinance No. 786-2015 (Sewer Rates)

Ordinance No. 787-2015 (Sewer Cross Connections)

Ordinance No. 788-2015 (Sewer Deposits)

Ordinance No. 789-2016 (Water Utility Collections)

Ordinance No. 790-2016 (Marina Fees)

Ordinance No. 791-2016 (Cemetery Fees)

Ordinance No. 792-2016 (Well Samples) 

Ordinance No. 793-2016 (Sewer Rates)

Ordinance No. 794-2016 (Accommodations Tax & Tourism Commission)

Ordinance No. 795-2017 (Dogs on Beach)

Ordinance No. 796-2017 (Fee Schedule)

Ordinance No. 797-2017 (Fences)

Ordinance No. 798-2017 (Adopt Comprehensive Plan) 

Ordinance No. 799-2017 (Adjusting Sewer Rates) 

Ordinance No. 800-2018 (Urban Forestry)    

Ordinance No. 801-2018 (Regulating boating upon the water of Ahnapee River within the Cty Rd S construction project limits) 

Ordinance No. 805-2018 (Revision of Zoning for 520 Parkway Ave) 


Resolution No. 756-2015

Resolution No. 757-2015

Resolution No. 758-2016

Resolution No. 759-2015

Resolution No. 760-2016

Resolution No. 761-2016

Resolution No. 762-2016

Resolution No. 763-2016

Resolution No. 764-2016

Resolution No. 765-2016

Resolution No. 766-2016

Resolution No. 767-2016

Resolution No. 768-2016

Resolution No. 769-2016

Resolution No. 770-2016

Resolution No. 771-2016

Resolution No. 772-2016

Resolution No. 773-2016

Resolution No. 774-2016

Resolution No. 775-2016

Resolution No. 776-2016

Resolution No. 777-2016

Resolution No. 778-2016

Resolution No. 779-2016

Resolution No. 780-2016

Resolution No. 781-2016

Resolution No. 782-2016

Resolution No. 783-2016

Resolution No. 784-2016

Resolution No. 785-2016

Resolution No. 786-2016

Resolution No. 787-2016

Resolution No. 788-2016

Resolution No. 789-2016

Resolution No. 790-2016

Resolution No. 791-2016 (Med Center Health Ins Prem.)

Resolution No. 792-2016 (Award Contract for UV Disinfection Proj)

Resolution No. 793-2016

Resolution No. 794-2016 (Line of Credit to Med Center)

Resolution No. 795-2016

Resolution No. 797-2016

Resolution No. 798-2016

Resolution No. 799-2016

Resolution No. 800-2017

Resolution No. 801-2017

Resolution No. 802-2017

Resolution No. 803-2017

Resolution No. 804-2017

Resolution No. 805-2017

Resolution No. 806-2017

Resolution No. 807-2017

Resolution No. 808-2017

Resolution No. 809-2017

Resolution No. 810-2017

Resolution No. 811-2017

Resolution No. 812-2017

Resolution No. 813-2017

Resolution No. 814-2017

Resolution No. 815-2017

Resolution No. 816-2017

Resolution No. 817-2017

Resolution No. 818-2017

Resolution No. 819-2017

Resolution No. 820-2017

Resolution No. 821-2017

Resolution No. 822-2017 (Discontinue Portion of Parkway, Clark, Lake St)

Resolution No. 823-2017

Resolution No. 824-2017

Resolution No. 825-2017 (Colonial Life Benefits)

Resolution No. 826-2017 (Utilities Contribution to ATC)

Resolution No. 827-2017 (Repair Road Grader)

Resolution No. 828-2017 (Pierce Fire & Rescue Agreement)

Resolution No. 829-2017 (Animal Control Officer Appointment)

Resolution No. 830-2017 (Obstruction in Right of Way)

Resolution No. 831-2017 (Personal Property Tax)

Resolution No. 832-2017 (Historic Tax Credits)

Resolution No. 833-2017 (2017 Road/Utilities Construction Bid Award)

Resolution No. 834-2017 (Acceptance of Hoopla Swing)

Resolution No. 835-2017 (Restore the Shore Project)

Resolution No. 836-2017 (PT Parks & Rec Hourly)

Resolution No. 837-2017 (Payscale for FT Employees)

Resolution No. 838-2017 (Set 2017 Wages & Salaries)

Resolution No. 839-2017 (Lincoln Fire & Rescue Agreement)

Resolution No. 840-2017 (Addition of 5th Full Time Officer)

Resolution No. 841-2017 (Transfer Funds to ALTCC)

Resolution No. 842-2017 (Transfer Funds to ALTCC)

Resolution No. 843-2017 (United Healthcare Dental)

Resolution No. 844-2017 (Peterson Appraisals Contract)

Resolution No. 845-2017 (Amend Father Ed Development Agreement)

Resolution No. 846-2017 (Submit DNR Recycling Grant)

Resolution No. 847-2017 (Transfer Funds to ALTCC)

Resolution No. 848-2017 (Utilities to Contribute $4,578 to ATC)

Resolution No. 849-2017 (Complete Survey & Design Sanitary Sewer Crossing)

Resolution No. 850-2017 (Complete Dissipative Cooling Evaluation Report)

Resolution No. 851-2017 (Approve UV System Contract Change Order No. 1)

Resolution No. 852-2017 (Obstruction in Right of Way - 507 Navarino St)

Resolution No. 853-2017 (Authorize Loan to Algoma Long Term Care $93,425.98)

Resolution No. 854-2017 (Authorize the Issuance and Sale of $150,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes)

Resolution No. 855-2017 (Authorize Cedar Corp. to Evaluate Condition of Roofs at Algoma Municipal Facilities)

Resolution No. 857-2017 (Authorize Amendment Two to the Contract with Suez Water Environmental Services for Operations and Maintenance of the Algoma Wastewater Treatment Plant)

Resolution No. 858-2017 (Setting the Tax Levy for City and Adopting 2018 Operating Budget)

Resolution No. 859-2017 (Establish the Council Chambers at City Hall as Polling Place for 2018 Elections)

Resolution No. 860-2017 (Authorize the Purchase of a Second EMS Power Cot)

Resolution No. 861-2017 (Appoint Officer Tuttle to Position of Animal Control Officer) 

Resolution No. 862-2017 (Authorize Contract for Sidewalk Snow Removal)

Resolution No. 863-2017 (Approve Community Strategic Plan for Downtown Revitalization, Affordable Housing, and Economic Development Needs)

Resolution No. 864-2017 (Declare Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures from Proceeds of Borrowing)

Resolution No. 865-2017 (Establish Elected Officials Salaries) 

Resolution No. 865-2017 (Authorizing the Renewal of One America/American United Optional Long Term Disability Insurance)

Resolution No. 866-2017 (Authorizing a Partnership with the Algoma Community Wellness Center) 

Resolution No. 867-2017 (Authorizing a Fire & Rescue Protection and Service Agreement with the Town of Ahnapee)

Resolution No. 868-2017 (Authorizing the Sale of Two Stryker MXPro Cots)

Resolution No. 869-2017 (Authorizing the Lease/Purchase of a 2018 Ford Interceptor Utility AWD Police Squad)

Resolution No. 870-2017 (Accepting the 2016 Alley Reconstruction Project as Complete and Authorizing the Release of Retainage)

Resolution No. 871-2017 (Declaring Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures for Ahnapee River Crossing from Proceeds of Borrowing)

Resolution No. 872-2017 (Declaring Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures from Proceeds of Borrowing)

Resolution No. 873-2017 (Resolution Extending Authorization of a $506,000 Letter of Credit to Maintain Financial Assurance per the 1993 Amended Consent Decree Covering the Algoma Municipal Landfill)

Resolution No. 874-2017 (Authorizing a Contract Extension with JP Morgan Chase for the City's Purchasing Card Program)

Resolution No. 876-2017 (Amending the 2017 Budget) 

Resolution No. 877-2018 (Relating to Setting Stipends for Algoma Fire Service Volunteers)

Resolution No. 878-2018 (Authorizing the Algoma Utilities to Voluntarily Contribute $6,104 to the American Transmission Company for Additional Capital Needs)

Resolution No. 879-2018 (Accepting the WWTF UV Project as Complete and Authorizing the Release of Retainage)

Resolution No. 880-2018 (Authorizing a Protection Maintenance Agreement with Energy Control & Design, Inc. for Temperature Controls & Mechanical Equipment)

Resolution No. 881-2018 (Authorizing Renewal of a Contract with Vision Municipal Solutions to Provide Computer and Server Backup Services)

Resolution No. 883-2018 (Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of $1,500,000 General Obligation Promissory Notes, Series 2018A)  

Resolution No. 884-2018 (Authorizing an agreement for professional services between the City of Algoma and SMITHGROUP/JJR, Inc. to address phase one of the Crescent Beach Improvement Plan)

Resolution No. 885-2018 (Relating to amending the City of Algoma Employee Handbook relating to vacation)  

Resolution No. 886-2018 (Authorizing the purchase and installation of fixed assets software from Vision Municipal Solutions)

Resolution No. 887-2018 (Approving payment for the 2017 City of Algoma Street Projects, including change order #3 to the contract with Triple P., Inc. DBA Peters Concrete Company, Green Bay for the 2017 Road and Utilities Reconstruction Project, Contract A-17)

Resolution No. 888-2018 (Relating to approving the proposed resale of a lot Dennis Mertens owns in the industrial park, along Sunset Ave. and South of Rabas St., that the City has the right of first refusal on) 

Resolution No. 889-2018 (Relating to approving a grant award agreement between the State of Wisconsin and the City of Algoma relating to developing the Algoma Hardwoods Site Reuse Evaluation) 

Resolution No. 890-2018 (Relating to approving a sole source procurement award to Gary Becker for planning services between the City of Algoma and Gary Becker, DBA GWB Professional Services)

Resolution No. 891-2018 (Authorizing the City of Algoma to enter into an agreement to participate in the US Bank Purchasing Card Program)

Resolution No. 892-2018 (Authorizing the Algoma Utilities to voluntarily contribute $9,156 to the American Transmission Company for additional capital needs)

Resolution No. 893-2018 (Authorizing the City of Algoma to apply for a tree planting grant from the Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission)

Resolution No. 894-2018 (Authorizing a contract with BG & Associates, LLC for management of the City of Algoma CDBG-RLF  Housing Program Loans) 

Resolution No. 895-2018 (Authorizing a Memorandum of Agreement for the Wisconsin Credentialing and Asset Management System)

Resolution No. 896-2018 (Authorizing a Lease Purchase for a Multifunctioning Copy Machine)

Resolution No. 897-2018 (Authorizing an Agreement with Cedar Corporation for Project Engineering, Survey, and Design Work for Extending Water & Sewer Service)

Resolution No. 898-2018 (Authorizing the City Administrator to Negotiate a Developer's Agreement for the Property Located on "2624 Lake St., Algoma, WI; Parcel Number: 201005100140")

Resolution No. 899-2018 (Authorizing the City Administrator to Negotiate a Developer's Agreement for the Property Located on Lake View Drive, Algoma, WI; Parcel Number: 201003700302)

Resolution No. 900-2018 (Approving the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources NR 208-Compliance Maintenance Annual Report for the City of Algoma) 

Resolution No. 901-2018 (Approving Purchase of Lifepak Express Defibrillator for Algoma Marina) 

Resolution No. 902-2018 (Setting Residency Requirements for Algoma Fire & Rescue Personnel) 

Resolution No. 903-2018 (Amend Employee Handbook Relating to Work Schedule for Public Works Department)

Resolution No. 904-2018 (Accept Bids and Award Contract for 2018 City of Algoma Roof Projects) 

Resolution No. 905-2018 (Authorize Acceptance of New Scoreboard at Peterson Park) 

Resolution No. 906-2018 (Grant Temporary Limited Easement to Kewaunee County for 2018 County S Bridge Replacement Project) 

Resolution No. 907-2018 (Approving the WI DNR Phosphorus Operational Evaluation Report) 

Resolution No. 908-2018 (Authorize Algoma Utilities to Voluntarily Contribute $4,578 to ATC for Additional Capital Needs) 

Resolution No. 909-2018 (Transfer of Land at 414 Fifth St. from Brian Waszak resulting in Parcel Boundary Changes will not be a Violation of the City of Algoma Zoning Code) 

Resolution No. 910-2018 (Authorize Proceeding with Planning for Tax Increment District #3 in the City of Algoma) 

Resolution No. 911-2018 (Authorize Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer to Submit an Application for a DNR Recycling Grant) 

Resolution No. 912-2018 (Authorize Contract for Professional Service with Bay Lake Regional Planning for GIS Technical Assistance)

Resolution No. 913-2018 (Direct PPP Committee to Begin Recruitment Process Leading to Selection and Appointment of a Police Chief by December 1, 2018) 

Resolution No. 914-2018 (Certify Transfer of Land at 217 Navarino St.)

Resolution No. 917-2018 (Authorizing an Upgrade of the City Hall/Library Security Access Control System)

Resolution No. 918-2018 (Authorize Agreement with Key Code Media, Inc. for Consultation Service for Cable Public Access Upgrade Project)

Resolution No. 919-2018 (Amending the City of Algoma Pay Scale for Full-Time, Non-Union, Benefitted Employees)

Resolution No. 920-2018 (Granting Authority to Place an Obstruction within the Right of Way at 310 Steele St. in Algoma)

Resolution No. 921-2018 (Approving Change Order #2 to the Contract with G&V Construction, Inc. for the City Hall/Library Roof Replacement Project, Contract A-18)

Resolution No. 922-2018 (Declaring Tax Increment District #3 and Redevelopment Project Area No. 1 a Blighted Area)