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Moving Kewaunee County Forward

Kewaunee County Public Health Department
810 Lincoln Street
Kewaunee, WI 54216
(920) 388-7160

Kewaunee County Reopening Guidelines

This document is intended to provide guidance for reopening businesses in Kewaunee County in the safest manner possible during this global pandemic. We commend you for the joint effort you have put forth so far in keeping our community safe. We have been in consultation with Kewaunee County Corp. Counsel, Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Department, Kewaunee County Emergency Management, and Kewaunee County Administration. We are aware that best practices may change over time, but as a department it is our goal to provide you with the needed resources to keep our county safe. We will re-assess these recommendations as the state conditions of COVID-19 change. Preparing now and following the below guidelines will help to provide healthier working environments for both employees and customers throughout Kewaunee County.

Basic recommendations for county residents: Stay home when sick.
-We encourage current safer at home guidelines whenever possible, especially for individuals 60 and over and individuals with chronic conditions.
-Mask when in public.
-Social distance when out maintaining 6 feet between people.
-Use of proper hand hygiene/ hand sanitizer when entering and exiting public places.
-Discourage handshaking and hugging.
-Utilize curbside pickup as much as possible.

To the Business Community:
We recommend that you follow the guidelines below:
-Provide proper PPE to staff. A mask is encouraged by all staff.
-Offer handwashing or hand sanitizing to both staff and patrons.
-Sanitize frequently touched surfaces (ex: pens, phones, carts, door handles, pin pads, etc.) between each user.
-Remove any items that cannot be sanitized.
-Consider assigning staff to clean and disinfect areas of the work place regularly.
-Post signage on the front door letting patrons know about changes to your policies and instructing them to stay away if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
-Place markers on the floor to indicate social distancing of at least 6 feet.
-Clean and sanitize public restroom facilities every two hours.

Long Term Care Facilities:
-Follow the current safer at home guidelines.
-Limit visitation to compassion visitation only.
-Temperature and symptom check all individuals entering the building.
-Practice social distancing with all activities within the facility.

Restaurants and Bars:
-Limit customer capacity to 50%. Do not exceed a maximum of 50 people.
-Space tables and bar stools appropriately for social distancing to 6 feet or greater (2 bar stools between people).
-Restaurants: no more than 6 at a table.
-Space tables to maintain social distancing of 6 feet.
-Use of pool tables, darts, music and gambling machines are discouraged.
-Provide masks and gloves for all employees. Utilize frequent handwashing
-Provide disposable menus or sanitize menus between users.
-Sanitize all tables, chairs, bars between customers.
-Set tables as needed, do not have silverware out ahead of time.
-Shared condiments on tables is discouraged. Condiments should be served in individual cups.
-Do not refill cups. Use a new cup or mug for refills.
-Avoid any self-service.
-Clean and sanitize public restroom facilities every two hours.

-Limit gatherings to 50 people or less.
-Maintain social distancing of 6 feet apart per household.
-Consider offering increased number of small services.
-Utilize virtual services if possible.
-No use of books.
-No shaking of hands.
-No communal cup.
-Use a drop box for offerings or online offerings.
-No fellowship or gathering after services.
-No Sunday school or VBS at this time.

Salons/Barbershops/Nail Salons/Tanning Facilities:
-Recommend one customer being served at a time.
-Waiting areas should be discouraged. Have additional customers wait in the car until you are ready and have time to sanitize between.
-Have all employees wear a mask and practice handwashing before and after customers.
-Require all patrons to wear a mask.
-Sanitize chairs and all equipment between users.
-Nail salons: use disposable equipment or sanitize between each customer.
-Maintain social distancing of 6 feet between patrons.

-Do not allow anyone in who show signs of illness.
-Social distance-space equipment 6 feet apart.
-Sanitize equipment between each use.
-Have staff present to oversee sanitation.
-Offer older adult hours.
-Limit patrons to no more than 10. Consider scheduling appointments for use.
-Have patrons bring own water bottle, towel, etc.
-Remove any equipment that can’t be sanitized.

-Limit 5-10 customers at a time per ability to social distance.
-Establish spacing lines on the floor for check out.
-Offer curbside pickup whenever possible.
-Close fitting rooms at this time.
-Sanitize carts and baskets between each use.
-Sanitize pin pads, pens, etc. between each customer.
-No food samples or self- service.
-Clean and sanitize public restroom facilities every two hours.

Camp Grounds:
-Continue under current orders, with the exception of bar/restaurant guidelines listed above.
-Continue social distancing among neighboring camp sites.
-Limit the amount of people in communal areas to 10.
-Sanitize communal areas every two hours.
-Continue cleaning practices as recommended per CDC :
-Keep pools closed at this time.
-Miniature golf courses and play areas: sanitize as possible and encourage social distancing.

Outdoor Spaces (Farmer’s Market, Concerts in the Park, or Outdoor Events):
-Space tables or seating areas 15 feet apart.
-No self- service or food samples.
-Encourage staff to wear mask
-Sanitize seating areas between uses.
-Use disposable cups.
-Use disposable menus or pencils during events.

Sporting Events:
-Discourage use of shared equipment.
-Sanitize equipment between uses.
-No team sport bottles, have athletes bring their own bottle.
-Social distancing of 6 feet for teams and fans.
-Encourage fans to bring their own seating. Use of bleachers is discouraged.
-Concession stands should be limited to prepackaged food only.
-Hand sanitizer or handwashing facilities should be provided.
-Restrooms should be sanitized every two hours or as frequently as possible.